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Colors, part 5 - PINK (by kajico**)

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頭使って。。。#頭おかしい 〜 さーちゃん

Use your head… #imweird 〜 さーちゃん

Maths is hard!

Use your head properly.




white vegans be like “honey is unethical because the bees worked so hard on it that’s why I like the completely ethical alternative of sugar harvested by underpaid and abused fieldworkers”

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motivational ghost buddies!



I wanted to give back to some of my followers and since I’m in college and lack of funds, I decided to give away some pokemon. If you don’t have pokemon, don’t worry, I’ll try and do other giveaways in the future. I know I’m most an anime blog, but I really appreciate my followers ;w; and this is about as much as I can do right now. (I really enjoy pokemon and I’m sure some of you do too :’3 )


There will be 10 winners. Yes 10. Though, if the amount of entries on this is too low I might have to cancel the giveaway :( So please please signal boost this!

The first 5 winners get their choice of 2 pokemon each. The last 5 get the choice of 1!

Here’s the catch, YOU get to pick which pokemon you want. If you win, I will send you a message telling you how many shinies you get, and ask you which ones you want. If it is not possible for me to get that shiny, I will let you know.

The rules are

1. ) You don’t have to be following me, but I’d appreciate it since I mostly did this for the followers on my blog/blogs. (I’ll be reblogging this on multiple accounts). Also if you’re following me I’ll throw in an extra surprise :D.

2.) Likes and reblogs BOTH count! So you get 2 entries per person. You can reblog and like as many times as you want..just try not to overload your followers please :3

3.) If you win, please respond within two days of getting your message ( HAVE YOUR ASK BOX OPEN). I have college classes so I get really busy, really fast.

4.) You must have pokemon x or pokemon y, and be willing to share your friend code.

THIS GIVEAWAY WILL END 10/14/2014. That gives you around 2 weeks to enter.

Please have fun! I’ll hold more giveaways in the future.



a person complaining about puns basically invites every pun enthusiast in the vicinity to come snapping rhythmically from the shadows